Copper River Salmon Season 2018

During a long and dark winter in Alaska, we have spent many hours in the cold and confined aluminum engine room, replacing our engines, tightening bolts and maintaining our hydraulic systems.


However, there is a silver lining to all of this boat work. Now that we are all done, minus a few minor electrical adjustments, we can feel the commercial fishing season coming! The days are starting to get longer, frozen dock lines are starting to thaw, and flight 66 on Alaska Airlines is starting to fill with more and more fishermen.


We have all been not so patiently waiting for Fish and Game to announce the start date for this season. Since we have the most sustainable fishery in the world, we heavily rely on Jeremy Botz, Area Management Biologist, and his team to carefully monitor the salmon run and make sure we are able to sustain this beautiful resource for generations to come! With the data they have collected so far, they are anticipating the first run of the Copper River season to start during the week of May 13th!


If you would like information about preseason boat maintenance or salmon forecasts click the link to send us your questions!

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