The Difference is in the Process

The way food is processed, directly determines the quality and taste. We take meticulous measures during the fishing process to ensure that the fish are not only sustainably sourced, but also handled and processed in a way that shows why we have the best salmon in the world.

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Our Process


Difference: Keep the Fish Alive

We ensure that fish are removed from the drift gillnet as soon as possible. We don’t let our nets soak for hours, we pick the nets fast enough to ensure that the fish are alive when we bring them on board. This produces a better end product!


Difference: Bleed the Fish First

The moment the fish is removed from the water we disconnect the dorsal aorta (main artery) and place the fish in a hold, filled with fresh seawater. This allows their body to relax as if it were in its natural habitat. The natural salt content from the ocean reduces coagulation, further evacuating all of the blood. This step is key to maintaining the highest quality and flavor of the salmon.


Difference: Protect the Flesh

Once the fish have been headed and gutted, they are spotless and placed into another separate fish hold with fresh seawater. This holding tank is designed to keep the fish floating while we travel back into town. Keeping the fish suspended in the water and keep the fish from putting pressure on each other and damaging the flesh. The temperature regulated seawater cools down the fish to ~31 Degrees as efficiently as possible.


Difference: Tide to table

We ship all of our seafood priority overnight. We care about quality over quantity. We work so hard to give you the best salmon in the world, why would we cut corners to save a few bucks on shipping? 


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